2013 Singapore Grand Prix – Friday practice

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First Practice Session: Position: 3, Best Time: 1:47.885, Laps: 19

Second Practice Session: Position: 1, Best Time: 1:44.249, Laps: 34

“It was quite busy; it’s pretty hot out there, good fun and a nice place, but for all of us it’s quite hard work. The time we set was a surprise today, I got a good lap in, but I don’t think it’s completely representative. We seem to be quick, but I think Mercedes will be very strong in qualifying tomorrow. I think Turn 10 is the best solution we have with the space that’s available.”


First Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 1:47.420, Laps: 20

Second Practice Session: Position: 2, Best Time: 1:44.853, Laps: 30

“We got most of the work done today that we planned to. It’s an easy venue to not get what you want, but in the end I think we’ve got a reasonable set-up. We’ve got work to do on the long run and also on the short run, you can’t neglect that. We won’t count our chickens yet, but it was a smooth day. Turn 10 is better now I think.”




While we’re well aware of the fact that we’re very privileged to work in this sport, nothing is more likely to induce a little moan than the prospect of seven races that all involve the unavoidable – the long-haul flight. So, with that in mind we thought we’d find out from Sebastian and Christian if they can remember their worst ever…

Sebastian Vettel: “I think my worst flight was when I had this guy next to me who was one of those really annoying passengers. It was a night flight, but he had the light on and off, and kept moving about and calling over the stewardesses to order this and that. He then got up and spilt coffee all over my seat and me. However there was a good ending, as my seat was in such a mess that they upgraded me – away from the guy. So my worst flight actually turned into one of my best flights!”

Christian Horner: “Mine was definitely when we came back from China in 2010. It was when the ash cloud meant we had got stuck in Shanghai, as so many flights around the world were suspended. Mark and I ended up having to get around five or six flights in 27 hours to get home. We went from China to Dubai to Rome to Nice to Glasgow to London. I didn’t want to see another plane for a long time after that and I was very happy to see home!”

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    Good luck and hope that Red Bull can give you a car in top condition We are chering as usual from Aus

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